Parenting is A Full Time Job. Don’t Do It Part Time

Sohaib Sajid

Coding Master, Digital Volunteer

Sohaib is skilled in programming and application development. In the digital age, it is like make the imagination come true.  
He is volunteer in contributing teaching young for programming. He believes the new era will need the logical thinking, creativity that can be gained from the journey of code learning. 

He has the blogs for frontier technology as well as the parenting.

This is a story about why sohaib started his parenting blog. (

Story of gold petals originates in Dhaka (Capital of Bangladesh) after 1971 India and Pakistan war. It’s about determined parents, who strive to educate there 3 kids (aged 3,5 & 7 years) despite being in war camps where staying alive is key priority. The parents knew the importance of education and how it will benefit their children. Despite not having basic stationary like paper available to them, the father used to gather sliver papers from smoke packs used by soldiers and other people. He would then bring these paper home and teach his kids to write, do math and all the other stuff school would do. This home made school continued until the war was over.

Those kids ended up on very successful paths in life. If not for their parents determination to educate their children no matter what, those children might have not been there and likely GoldPetals would not have been created.

The name GoldPetals is combination of a cigarette brand (Gold Flakes) and Rose Petals (the paper in which cigarettes are wrapped).

Our Vision is that with determination and right contents, parents could and should still be able to provide quality education to their children in this modern digital age.

Our Mission is to provide quality content that is easily adaptable by parents to assist them educating their children.

Our Values are Children, Guidance and Sharing.

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