Visit to Society of the Aged Sick
23 Feb 2019

The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.

Responsibility Chapter focus on inspiring children with social responsibility and care for people in need.
Together with our partners and volunteers, we organize meaningful and inspiring programs for children in order to raise their sense of helping people in need, empathy for other people and appreciation for life.
Visit to Society for the Aged Sick (SAS) is one of our Responsibility Chapter activities.
1. Children drawing
This is a artwork that children make together and they will present this to the elderly. Children are the experts of team players and they enjoy and learn how to work together. 
Children bring vitality to the SAS. When they visit the SAS and send greetings to the elderly people, they have a new idea about their feelings and these reflect on their drawings.
2. Families donate snacks to the elderly
Children are eager to help to donate snacks to elderly people. They feel confident and gain self-esteem by helping other people. They have empathy for people in need and they enjoy making other people happy. The SAS is filled with joy, happiness, and energy.
For most of the children, it is the first time that they attend a charity event. Redot Educare Foundation is committed to establish the bridge between children, family and the public. We facilitate events and help to raise the awareness of helping and caring people. We believe that education is not restricted to classrooms, schools and our small family. Life itself is education.
Parents are children’s first teachers in their lives. When we visit the SAS, children observe parents on how to interact with elderly people and we believe this not only helps children to learn but also enforces the parent-children bonding.
3. Visit elderly rooms
Parents and children visit elderly rooms at the SAS with the help from SAS nurse. Parents are eager to know more about the living conditions of elderly people and the operation of SAS so that we can provide more suitable help and care in the future.
Redot Education Foundation is committed to providing the chance for Redot member families with the chance to connect with society. We do not know each other but we share the genius joy which is the most beautiful diamond in our life.
4. Reunion and Donate children’s artwork to the SAS
Children learn corporate and teamwork and this is the artwork that they produce. We hope it will bring fun to the elderly people in SAS. 
We come from different families but we have the same heart to help other people and the same hope to assist our children to explore and learn from society.
Redot Educare Foundation is committed to organize events and provide chances for member families to explore different dimensions of life with the ultimate goal to raise children’s social responsibility and empathy for people in need. Life itself is education.
Visiting elderly home and children with special need are the core events under Redot Responsibility chapter and these activities will become a long term event under Redot.
To go fast, go alone.
To go far, go together.
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